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Who Needs Mystery Shopping?

In todays market of infinite choices how does the customer decide how to spend their hard earned cash? Many factors play a part in their choices but once you have convinced them to come in your door, how will you make customers come back again and again? You must build customer loyalty and the very best way to do this is with great customer service. You can’t undervalue the importance to customer care; 68% of your customers who stop doing business with you do so because of poor customer service.

US government studies show that one unhappy customer will tell between 8 and 10 people about a negative experience and in turn they will tell 5 other people. One unhappy customer can create a wave of 60 people who have made the choice not to do business with you.

Many managers and owners make the mistake of thinking they can simply observe for themselves to see that the overall customer interaction is taking place as set down in guidelines and policies. However, supervisor observations are not the same as a customer’s. The employees are more likely to be on their best behavior when being observed by a supervisor. It is the unaware employee that will give you the truest representation of your customer’s experience. Statistics also show that 90% of your customers will not complain when they are unhappy with the service, they will simply walk away. When the customers cross the threshold after a bad experience you can bet they will take their business to your competitors.

Businesses spend 10 times more money to bring in a new customer compared to retaining an old one. Mystery shopping allows you to see through your customer’s eyes. By using QSI Specialists, you can define the sort of experience you are seeking.

Your mystery shopping program can be customized to check multiple locations at different times of day or even direct the shoppers to look for certain behaviors. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff of shoppers and project managers will make sure your needs are met. As Benjamin Disraeli said, “The most successful person is the person who has the best information.” The information you gain through a mystery shopping program will allow you to take steps to insure long term customer loyalty and continued growth with positive customer experiences.




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